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How I can help you, do what you do, by doing what I do.

Servers, Servers, Servers!

The most common question I am asked is "Do I need my own server?". The answer I most commonly give is "possibly!". Sometimes a server is overkill, more computing for the sake of it than anything useful; however servers answer a lot of questions. Keeping track of resources scheduling busy people to know who is where and when. Updating group contact details and address books so that everyone had John's latest number when he is in Thailand! being able to provision iPhones so that you can remote wipe if needed, being able to access the current version of your files where ever you are and what ever computer you happen to be using. Sometimes, a server is the answer. I can help you decide; recommend hardware (most businesses making this decision do not need monstrous hardware in a rack in the corner to meet their needs). Give me a call and I we can talk it through.

Software installs, upgrades and updates: Workflows, Backups and More

Sometimes you are just to busy to make sure everything is up to date; and that is fine - until you need to use a new piece of software or a printer or a website which you want to use does not work. The big font changes with the new iWork software caught some customers unawares, the 10.9 update and WD software conflict caused some people to loose all their data. These are the dangers I can help you avoid.

I can audit your software, let you you know the advantages and pitfalls of updating, make sure you hardware is capable of running the new software and recommend everything you need to have a trouble free computing experience. I can put into place a backup plan - using Apple's Time Machine software or other solutions to make sure you never loose your files again. I can work with you to install working patterns such as completing an OCR on every scan and allowing you to search within those files - never mis place the paperwork again.

Your IT department in a can!

Often, you need an IT department. Someone to give you the right advice, to look at what you have and what you want to do and make sure they are still compatible. To plan for the next step - bigger premisses? Bigger backup? Road Warriors need access to office files? Everyone using old files or out of date software? This is where I can help. If you do not have the luxury of an in house IT department; I can be there for you. I suggest you get in touch and see how I can assist you.

Next steps

You have several options to get in touch. It would be great to meet you, chat via eMail, Twitter or talk on the phone to see how I can help you going forward.

The usual process is to get in contact and I we can work together to deliver your solution.