About Me:

Who am I? What have I done? How can I help you?

Hi; My name is Doug Hirst, I am a Mac Geek. I also have a beard - which ranges from nicely controlled to a rangy mane! Some people ask if I ever decide against the beard would I need to change the name of my company? Well I have had my beard since I was 14 and it as much a part of me as it can be - so I am no overly concerned.

I am based in Huntingdon, north west of Cambridge and able to visit you onsite to evaluate your needs. I prefer to operate within an hour of home - just for ease of access; if you have a project or need some help outside the area do not hestiate to drop me a line. I can work to your timescales as well. Business does not have to be 9 - 5; Mon - Friday. So if you need help on the weekend or an evening visit these things can be arranged.

For over 20 years I have been troubleshooting, rebuilding and fixing Apple Mac computers. Networking, setting up servers and other services to help users get the most from their hardware. I have a couple of ways you can get in touch, or just watch me do what I do;

I use twitter for my day to day conversations, posting interesting articles and tip bits. Feel free to follow me and share. Friendly language only please; this is a family show!

You can also find me on LinkedIn, If you want to look at my qualifications and experience. If there is something you'd like me to look into for you or if you just want to chat feel free to inbox me.

Outside interests include digital photography; here is my Flickr feed. Comments are gratefully received.

I also enjoy Sailing, and am qualified to RYA level 2. My wife and I are hoping to get some time to complete the "Competent Crew" and "Day Captain" qualifications in the next couple of years so that we can cross the channel or island hop around the med! We recently joined a sailing club and are hoping to get out on the water more often!

I love(d) my motorbike! I rode a 125 to work for many years and moved up to an SV 650S when the prospect of commuting over 50 miles was on the horizion! I find myself a better car driver because of it and appreciate that sometimes people make mistakes and my actions can prevent that from injuring myself or others. When you ride a motorbike; taking the moral high ground of "well it was my right of way" will not fix a broken bone quicker. It will always be the bike smashing on the road and you on the tarmac! I did have a crash this year (my first!) and wrote off the yellow beast. I did walk away from that crash with a broken finger and bruises. I consider myself very lucky and am considering another bike down the line (if the wife will let me!)

I am a proud father of a one year old; who keeps me active and grows up at such a scary rate. I find myself constantly learning from him - mostly the best way to get food related stains out of clothes!