Advice, suggestions and next steps;to deliver the right IT solution for your business.

Sometimes, the best advice is what you need. Free from sales spin or commission. That is what I can offer.

Backup Audits:

Everyone knows that they should back up their data from their Mac or iPhone. Every day I speak to people who have lost important files, family photos, customer contact details, invoices or tax information. Regrets after a Hard drive failure will not bring back that data. Prevention is better than cure. I can formulate a backup strategy which will work for you. Evaluate the risks and ensure everything is working with a written backup audit, user training and expansion options.

Security Audits:

Do you know what your employees are doing on their work issue mobile devices? How strong are your passwords and do you have a strong enough encryption to protect against someone stealing you laptop? What do we need to do for best practices in protecting your customers against a data theft? I can go through the top common failures, the various encryption methods commonly used and the advantages or disadvantages of each.

Server Commisioning

Do you need a server? What will it give you and why would you want it? Mac OS X server, Kerio, Active Directory, LDAP, CalDAV - sometimes having access to your own data on a server can dramatically improve your work flow. Sharing customer data and contact details with LDAP means that you can change details in the office and they are updated across all mobile devices connected to your server. Detailed resource allocation so that you can book appointments without waiting for a phone call back with a CalDAV server. Making sure everyone is using the most recent protocol and not the most recent from on their laptop via a dedicated file server or Wiki.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Often, giving your employees iPhones is the easiest step - many great advantages of using off the shelf Apps, good data coverage and ways to stay in touch where ever and often when ever they are. However a lot of customers I speak to have not thought about what it means to give their employees such a device - how do you prevent them from being used in a "naughty" way? How do you share address books and calenders in a way which protects you data (and not using Google or Apple who have very wide terms of serivice which could effect your security?) How do you wipe these devices if they are lost and stop someone from installing an inappropiate app? These are questions I can help you with. I can provide a complete solution including policies and training to make sure you are in control of these valuable assets!